A Change of Tune - J.M. Cartwright
What is a rock star to do when the bright and shiny has worn off? Well, Johnny Rayne decides to pack it all in and move from LA to the mountains of West Virginia. All Johnny wants is to live anonymously in his farm house, get some dogs and raise a family. His agent helped him find the farmhouse, and his attorney has started greasing the wheels to get him qualified for adoption.

One thing Johnny hadn’t planned on finding up on that mountain was Sheriff Virgil Grissom. When the sexy sheriff shows up on Johnny’s first day in his new house to warn him about an escaped convict in the area, Johnny is very impressed. When the sheriff makes it clear the attraction is mutual, Johnny is shocked to say the least. Even though Johnny wants to stay below the radar he is still recognized around town. The surprising thing for him is that no one treats him differently because of who he is, and he finds he kind of likes that.

When Virgil comes at Johnny with a full court press, he doesn’t even try to resist and the two men begin a relationship that’s surprisingly good for Johnny. Virgil does things to Johnny that he didn’t even know he wanted and he does things for him that makes all his dreams come true. Now the two men just have to find a way to live together, convince Johnny’s mother that he really is gay, and make sure they don’t screw everything up along the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and J.M. Cartwright did a phenomenal job with the story. I loved how down to earth Johnny was and how he could just conform to whatever was going on around him. He had a big heart and he wasn’t afraid to show it.

Virgil is a work in progress, but it was very entertaining watching him work it all out where Johnny was concerned. Virgil was not the type to compromise but with Johnny he finds out he better learn how, quickly.

The dialogue was very well written in this book, and the banter between Johnny and Virgil had me laughing out loud more than once. I would highly recommend this book, and I am looking forward to checking out the rest of the books in the series.