Unexpected Places - Bailey Bradford
4.5 Stars

I am shocked to say that this is my first Bailey Bradford story, but it will definitely not be my last. This short story is part of Totally Bound’s new imprint, “What’s His Passion", and takes place in Odessa, Texas. Carter is an accountant who wants to find what all people want: love, companionship, and the perfect relationship where he can also act out all his fantasies. Carter is heading out on a hiking trip the following morning, but needs to let off some steam before the trip. He decides to go to the Circle Club and while parking his car, makes immediate eye contact with Eddie, a sexy leather-wearing man. There is an instant attraction between them, and Eddie seems to be able to read his thoughts and body language by offering Carter his ultimate fantasy—a ménage with dominance. Who would have thought that all his dreams and fantasies could come true in unexpected places (get it….)?

It is refreshing to read an author who does a great job of developing characters in such a short story. I enjoyed the pace and the flow of the words in this book, and did not feel cheated after spending an hour reading this hot short story. By the end of this twenty-eight page book, I felt like I knew the characters and their needs, and truly believed situations like this happen all the time (I wish. God, I love fiction). Of course, by the end I want more because even in this short story, I quickly became invested in the characters. This will irritate some but to me, this is the sign of a great author.

I really enjoyed this quick read and will definitely continue reading the books in the collection. These are great short reads for when you need a fix before bed, want to get some sleep and not get sucked into a three-hundred page book! I am so excited I just discovered a new author with a truck load of books to buy! I think Totally Bound just celebrated her 50th book being published. Congrats to Mrs. Bradford for all your hard work in the M/M genre! Enjoy!