Fused by Fire - Draven St. James
4.5 Stars

I really enjoyed Fused by Fire, more so than the first book in the series, Grey’s Hidden Desire.

When Michael decided to be swallowed up in a void of self pity because of what happened to Taber, it was Simon who helped him find his way back from the void. There was a serious laughing out loud moment when Simon showed up at Michael’s door, and a few more when Michael made the mistake of letting Simon come into his place. It was also at this time that the two finally showed their mutual desire for each other. But then, Michael had to be a butt afterward and break poor Simon’s heart.

Danged if that wasn’t bad enough, but then Simon’s family decided to rub salt in the wound by disowning him when he came out to them, damn it! Even though it’s fiction, this sort of thing just fries my bacon. I can never understand how parents could do this to their own child. The mother in me just wanted to give ol’ Simon a great big hug and take him home with me.

Days later when Michael runs into Simon, he notices that this vibrant young man has changed drastically. Withdrawn and quiet, Simon just isn’t himself. And this is where Michael finally puts on his big boy panties and does what needs to be done.

Now this is the type of romance I love to read, where I feel bonded with the characters and my emotions have engaged enough that I care about the outcome, and with just enough angst to pull at my heart, so I’m giving this one a 4.5 Star rating. The only reason it doesn’t get a 5 Star is that there were a couple of things left in the air, which I’m hoping means there will be a sequel to help clear those things up. I really want to find out how Taber fairs with his life. Plus, I was a little annoyed about the age gap being an issue. To me, Michael just used that as an excuse to avoid commitment.

I will definitely be on the lookout for more from Draven St. James.