In His Sights (Don't Tell) - Rie Warren
4.5 Stars

In His Sights is a m/m sci-fi story set in a dystopian future where the US no longer exists and homosexuality is illegal. Most of the other sci-fi books that I’ve reviewed have left me disappointed and wondering if sci-fi can be part of m/m romance. I think this book just might be the one to make me not lose faith in m/m sci-fi. It was an enjoyable, fast paced story that kept me engaged. This book is part of a series, and I’ve already picked up the other book.

The future is bleak, a catastrophe has wiped out a huge chunk of the world’s population. Multinational corporations have taken control by carving up nations. The US is no longer a country but a group of territories. There’s a solution for repopulating the world: outlaw homosexuality and impose mandatory reproduction. The world is divided between the Company, the ones who control society, and Freelanders, people who live in the “wild” by working and living off the land in an inclusive society.

It all comes to a head when company controlled Alpha territory is sabotaged from within and attacked by Freelanders, sparking a revolution. Mayce is a Company soldier who’s out on patrol, and Hawke is a Freelander fighter. Hawk is gay and Mayce is questionable. While infiltrating the city, Hawke is caught by Mayce. It looks like Mayce will kill Hawke, but to everyone’s surprise, including Mayce’s, he acts on his long hidden feelings and instead kisses Hawke. The kiss is intense on both sides. Once their feelings are unleashed, they can’t give each other up. Hot Hot Hot ! Thus begins their clandestine trysts. They form an immediate bond. Their feelings and sex match up, they feed their bodies and souls. Hawke gets caught and tortured. He’s sentenced to RACE, Repopulation and Civilization Enforcement, a reparative therapy, which is usually a death sentence. Mayce uses his position in the Company to rescue Hawke. Remember this is a HEA book! Everything works out in the end, but you have to read the book to see how they get there. It’s worth it.

The story itself was very well written. There was a lot of world building and I think there’s much more material that could have been added. For me, it was still a little thin on the sci-fi element but none the less a great effort. The narrative kept switching between Mayce and Hawke’s point of view, and I really enjoyed it. It gave me a more intimate view of how they felt. As a couple I absolutely fell in love with Mayce and Hawke. Both were strong alpha males. For those that don’t know, alpha is another name for hot guys!! It was nice to see their evolution from fuck buddies to lovers with real emotions.

In His Sights is a sci-fi that actually delivers an intense story with two hot heroes and a message of equality for all, right now and in the future.