Dex in Blue - Sean Crisden, Amy Lane
What can I say, I love this series and this audiobook does not disappoint. I cannot decide which of the stories I love more, Dex’s or Chase’s. This is another story about how David, aka Dex, finds solace, family, security, friendship, and finally love from the Johnnies. We learn a little about Dex in the first story (and I almost hate him, with what happens with Tommy), but this audiobook shows an endearing, loving, protective, and insecure side that makes you want to hug or adopt him. He, like the other Johnnies, has demons from his past that he is forced to deal with. When he decides to help out another Johnnies star, Carlos, aka Kane, he has no idea how his life will change. Kane, a simple minded guy, is also dealing with his own personal demons. Kane is such a loveable character, and it is great to watch him evolve throughout the story.

Now that I am on the second story, Amy is showing a snapshot of time where the Johnnies stars interact and deal with their individual problems, as well as their friends’ struggles. Who would have thought that a bunch of gay-for-pay porn stars would be such a wonderful support group? But as you read their stories, sadly, the situations are not that different—dealing with a lack of acceptance from society and family.

It is great to watch how Dex and Kane find friendship, love and security in each other through self-discovery. There are so many excellent parts in this audiobook that it’s hard to pick my favorite, but I would have to say the scene after Thanksgiving at Tommy’s house where Kane realizes he messed up, and the scene at Dex’s house when his parents find out he is gay, are pivotal and moving.

The narration is excellent, Sean Crisden the perfect voice for this series. This is, by far, one of my favorite series and one of Amy’s best. This audio is worth every penny, and I will definitely listen to it again.

Reviewed by Traci at The Novel Approach