Holding Out for a Fairy Tale - A.J.  Thomas
Being such a HUGE fan of A Casual Weekend Thing, I simply couldn’t wait to tear into this book. I am so very happy to say that A.J. Thomas did not let me down. I loved Ray in the previous book of the series and it was wonderful to learn more about him and what makes him tick. I also enjoyed getting to know Elliot better at the same time.

After parting company months earlier, Elliot and Ray are reunited when Ray’s young cousin comes up missing. The investigation not only brings Ray and Elliot closer, but the view given to us of Ray’s family made most of Ray’s quirks much more understandable. When Sophia ends up becoming one of the main suspects in the investigation Ray has to realize that it may be time to pull away from his family completely.

Elliot has been enthralled with Ray, but the man is so set in his ways that Elliot doesn’t know if he should even bother with trying to work something out with the hot headed detective. Letting Ray help out with the case could cost Elliot his place in the new field office, and he is hoping to make this assignment last longer than one year this time.

Begrudgingly, Elliot includes Ray in the investigation and not only is there the possibility that Sophia is guilty, but they find out there is a leak in the FBI office. So, right as the case is coming to its conclusion Elliot and Ray are pulled out of the line of fire for their own safety. This situation gives the two men time to get to know one another better and surprisingly, they find they have more in common than they thought. Elliot just has to convince Ray that the Fairy Tale is worth fighting for, and that won’t be an easy feat.

I loved the direction that Ms. Thomas took in this book. There was very little of the fluff, rainbows and butterflies of the usual romance novel. This book deals with betrayal, drug cartels and has a very suspenseful ending. The change in Ray is gradual in this story, but it is very believable and his romantic gestures could have melted the heart of even the worst cynic. Ray and Elliot were very hot, but at the same time very sweet. I would highly recommend this title and the first book in the series.

Reviewed by Jackie at The Novel Approach