Isle of Waves (The Isle Series Book 3) - Sue Brown
I have enjoyed this series since I fell in love with Sam and Liam in the first book, and I have loved Wig and Nibs through every appearance they have made along the way. For the last year Wig and Nibs have been fighting an uphill battle with the owners of the restaurant next door. When they turned down a buyout offer, they had no idea it would result in them having to endure personal attacks and professional attacks both. With both men being so self-sufficient, they didn’t share their woes with the Owens clan until the attacks became criminal.

When the Owens family and their loved ones find out what has been going on with the Blue Lagoon, they all chip in to help out their friends. Sam and Liam, Paul and Olaf, and the rest of my favorites all come in to save the day. Unfortunately there is more to worry about than the restaurant. Nibs has been keeping some secrets from his lover, and Wig is lost when he finds out. There are some small secrets and some very large ones that put not only the future of the restaurant in question, but the future of their relationship. When a huge storm threatens the Isle of Wight, all of our favorite characters show their big hearts and prove why good will always overcome the not so good. Seeing these people close ranks to protect the ones they love just shows that family isn’t always defined by blood relations.

In the midst of all the drama, we lose a much loved character and one relationship begins to fall apart. I found myself both laughing and crying while visiting with these crazy characters, and I loved every minute of it. Sue Brown has built a huge loving community on the Isle of Wight, one that will keep calling me back time after time, however many books she gives us in this wonderful series. If you haven’t given this series a read yet, I highly recommend you take it out for a spin.

Reviewed by Jackie at The Novel Approach