Chase the Storm - V.M. Waitt, Hugh Bradley
This is a 4.5 star review

When I first started reading Chase the Storm, I was under the impression that it was leading up to a May-December romance. I knew that Elijah was 19, but Chase never did reveal his age, so for me, it became a bit of a mystery to finding out just how old Chase really was. Following the clues throughout the story, I came to the conclusion that yes, there was an age gap, but not something I would raise my eyebrows over. Of course, my math could be wrong.

I really liked Chase…even if he was a butt at some points in the story. I found myself relating somewhat to his grief. Lost people can be rather unreasonable until they can find their way back. Some never do. There are 5 stages of grieving, and not all of them follow a particular order. And boy, was Chase all over the place with them.

There were times I felt bad for Elijah, but he struck me as somebody old enough to know what he was getting himself into when he followed his heart, a very mature young man, and as it turned out, Elijah was exactly what Chase needed to eventually heal.

I also would like to add that Hugh Bradley did an excellent job of narrating Chase the Storm. His voice characterizations match the characters perfectly, although there were a couple of spots that I felt he rushed through. Then again, that could be just me. Kudos to him for his portrayal of the more erotic parts of the story. Damn, if I didn’t find my mouth hanging open like an idiot during some of the hotter moments. I do like my cowboys.

All in all, I’m giving Chase the Storm a 4.5 Star rating. Both the audio and the story were well done, and I would give it a high recommendation to those who love them cowboys. Oh, and let’s not forget the angst lovers too! I’m keeping my eyes open for any more stories written by V.M. Waitt. The same goes for any future audios that Hugh Bradley chooses to narrate.

Reviewed by Kim at The Novel Approach