Shades of Sepia - Anne Barwell
I have read more supernatural books than any other genre. There are the shifters that come in all shapes, sizes, and attitudes. Then there are the vampires; they come in many various types also. In some books they all live happily in harmony with one another, and in some books they are mortal enemies. This book has a little of both. Plus, we have the added dimension of the humans in the story. Some of the humans know about the supes, some don’t. More than that, though, some humans seem as if they don’t want to know what is right in front of their faces. These humans accept the fact that a man has been a professor at the local college for going on sixty years and hasn’t aged a day. That man would be Simon Hawthorne, and this book is his story, as well as his soulmate’s, Ben Leyton.

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