Remnant: A Caldwell & Feximal/Whyborne & Griffin Mystery - Jordan L. Hawk, K.J. Charles
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that, although both of the authors may disagree with me, this story could be read as a standalone. The mystery and suspense and supernatural elements are top notch reasons to want to delve into this book, so much so that Whyborne and Griffin, and Feximal and his lover Robert Caldwell, are driven by the plot as much as Whyborne and Robert are driven to narrate this story of cheating destiny and manipulating affairs of the heart, and it’s not necessarily true that one must already know these characters intimately in order to appreciate their various charms and talents. If you’ve not read either of the series, this just might be a great place to start falling in love with these men, one masterfully macabre moment at a time.

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