Coyote's Creed - Vaughn R. Demont
Narrated by one of the freshest voices I’ve come across in quite some time, Coyote’s Creed is, by turns, a riotously funny, poignant, sexy and suspenseful roller coaster of an Urban Fantasy, told by eighteen-year-old Spencer Crain, whose life is scripted in the bold strokes of questionable reality television, corny sitcoms, supernatural dramas, heist films, and dysfunctional family soap operas, not to mention the fear of the imminent zombie apocalypse. You wouldn’t think that’s a good thing, would you? Well, it’s not. It’s a brilliant thing when tied together with all the folklore and mythology Vaughn R. Demont has woven into this fantastical world he’s created, one filled with all sorts of legendary beings.

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