Broken Pieces - Riley Hart
This is a book about a romance between very different people—the ex-gang banger, the prosecuting attorney, and the man who holds them together—who reveal yet lie by omission, who give and hide parts and pieces of themselves in the name of love and self-preservation; they fear trust, and they love then sacrifice for the sake of that love; and regardless of how one feels about non-traditional relationships, it can’t be denied that the author has penned a story that is deeply romantic, emotionally articulate, exceptionally provocative, and unlike any ménage story I’ve ever read before. Every single scene serves to build upon and layer each of these men, from surface to soul, in such a way that it was impossible not to fall in love with them, because they are three distinct and magnetic men who draw every bit of compassion and hope from anyone willing to take the journey, one that’s fraught with moments that might gut you yet keeps you turning the pages until you find yourself at a new beginning that’s now to be continued.

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