Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville
April 25, 2010

That’s the first time I read Jane Seville’s one and only novel, Zero at the Bone. The second, third, and fourth times I read it happened in fairly quick succession, but it’s been several years (and well more than a thousand books ago) since I last cracked the cover, so when I came up with the time and inclination to start revisiting some of the novels in the M/M Romance genre that I’ll call “retro” and have long been shelved as favorites of mine, this one, the first title I ever read in the genre, not to mention loved beyond all reason, shot to the top of my must re-read list. I’ve now read this book a half-dozen times or so, something entirely unheard of for me unless we’re talking about the series involving a certain boy wizard. Did it stand up to the tests of both time and a somewhat prolific reading frenzy from then to now? Sure. But what the hell is it that makes this book so infinitely re-readable to me?

To be honest, I’m not sure I have a clue...

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