Moving Monty In - Lisa Worrall
**This is a combined review for Moving Monty In and [b:Monty Loses His Head|18169287|Monty Loses His Head (Marshall's Park, #5)|Lisa Worrall||25537309]**

4.5 Stars Overall

In Monty Loses His Head, Kaylee wants Monty to be her show and tell for school. Finn can’t find the most important part of his costume, the head. In its place is a ransom note demanding tickets to the park and various other items. The search is on, with Chris being suspect numero uno. The outcome is sweet and the culprit unexpected. As with all the stories in the series, there is hot sex and funny interaction between Finn/Aiden/Kaylee. I went immediately to the next story…

I think the title Moving Monty In says it all. Aiden asks Finn to move in, and as the title hints, Finn says yes. Of course, with Kaylee’s show and tell approaching, both Aiden and Finn are freaking out, but for different reasons. The method they employ to relax each other won’t surprise you, but the aftermath will.

This whole series is highly recommended. A must read.

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