Heart of Timber: 2 (Cold) - Brandon Shire
I have to confess that going into this book I was a little skeptical, wondering how in the world the author was going to maneuver the lives of these men and manipulate the penal system to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds against them, and turn it into a believable story of second chances and love against all odds. I shouldn’t have bothered worrying because Brandon Shire did all those things, employing the love of family, the influence that comes with sheer force of will (and the funds to back it up), and in the strength of Lem himself, a man who can make a reader ponder on the idea of doing something the law says is wrong, but doing it for the right reasons. Simply put, Lem is the sort of man second chances were made for and if anyone in the history of fiction has ever deserved one, it’d be him.

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