Shattered Glass - Dani Alexander, Joseph Northton
Bunny slippers…they’re baaaack!

Thanks to a friend who loaned me the book Shattered Glass a couple of years ago, I haven’t been able to look at a pair of bunny slippers without fantasizing about seeing a pair of legs up in the air, bunny slippers bouncing merrily off the feet of someone who is being thoroughly….

Well…as you can see, Shattered Glass appealed to me and fed my warped sense of humor. It’s also on my top 20 list of all time favorite reads, and now it’s on audio! Woohoo! Did it meet my expectations? Oh yeah!

Mr. Northton did an excellent job of bringing Austin, Peter, Cai, and even Darryl to life. I love it when not only can I visualize the characters in my mind but can hear them as well. I especially enjoyed listening to the banter between Austin and his partner Luis, absolutely loved the “hump day” quips, and Austin just has a way of putting the “fun” in dysfunctional, so it was awesome to know that the audio version had the power to make me smile and laugh!

To my fellow audio listeners, Shattered Glass is an easily recommendable 5 Star listen. Hopefully, if the sequel ever comes out on audio, Joseph Northton will be chosen to narrate again. I love this man’s voice!