Jay Walking - Jacques N. Hoff
I have read a lot of shifter books, but only a few with avian shifters. Jay Walking was one of the most unique shifter books I have read in a while. There was some great steam in this book, but the overwhelming theme is its tongue-in-cheek humor.

When Jay Azure, a blue jay shifter, is demoted to watching the streets for jaywalkers, he is shocked to find a man he can’t seem to forget about. While writing the jaywalking ticket Simon Spoonwell had earned, Jay realizes that Simon could very well be his mate, but, unfortunately, things don’t go well on their first meeting—Simon can’t stand Jay—and from there, the story goes on with all of Jay’s humorous attempts to get Simon’s attention. With a few misunderstandings to overcome and some confessions to make, the two begin a relationship and much hilarity ensues.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jay Walking if you are looking for a fun, good-time read. I loved both of these characters individually and together, and think the author did a great job of mixing the silliness with the seriousness, as well as setting us up for more books in this universe. It’s a wonderful, light start to what could be a very entertaining series about bird shifters, and I will definitely be checking out any follow-up books from Jacques N. Hoff.