Coming Home: Rock Bay, Book 1 - M. J. O'Shea
3.5 Stars

I’m having mixed feelings about the narration of Coming Home. Even though Tom Vilot has a very pleasant, sexy voice worth listening to, it was the overall reading of the story that I had problems with. My impression, at times, was that he didn’t enjoy what he was reading very much, and it showed in the characters’ voices and the emotions he was to have been portraying. At times, Tom sounded very bored (drone-like) while narrating Coming Home, and to be honest, he almost put me to sleep while driving. Very dangerous!

I’m not giving up on Tom and would gladly give him another try, but I have to say that while I enjoyed reading Coming Home, it’s still a 4.5 Star book for me, sadly, the audio version did not meet my expectations and will not be a repeat experience.