If Wishes Were Horses - Silvia Violet
If you like alphas fighting for top billing with sex, if you like billionaires playing pseudo cowboy, if you like damaged cops trying to right their wrongs and you love housekeepers/cooks that have premonitions, then this book is definitely for you! Silvia Violet does a great job of throwing two damaged characters together who punch it out—literally—to the end, while trying to prove their own worth.

Ken and Andrew are instantly drawn to each other when Andrew goes undercover to bust a drug ring connected to Ken’s ranch. There is instant chemistry, but they are wary to involve their hearts. Ken’s father has been sending spies to sabotage his ranch and make sure Ken does not ruin the Carver name. Andrew just finished an undercover assignment where he is guilt ridden because his lover/informant covers for him while Andrew watches him getting killed without blowing his cover. So their insta-love affair is doomed from the start. It does not stop the author from throwing these two men together to work out their frustrations on each other, though. They fight for every orgasm to the bitter end. Both men logically know that they are toxic to each other, but not between the sheets or on the floor, the table, the barn…

I think between the two characters, I connected with Andrew more than Ken. Andrew, even with his PTSD and panic attacks, follows his gut from the beginning. Ken is always wary of Andrew even when Andrew begs him for trust, but he still wants him in his bed. Andrew continually protects Ken and Rusty (relative of Ken’s) to the bitter end, even if it means dying.

This book keeps you hooked from beginning to end. The author did a great job of developing the characters and layering their damaged pasts throughout the story. The one issue I felt was unresolved was Ken’s family. I would have loved to see that play out in the epilogue. Overall, this is an easy read with hot cowboy/cop sex. What else could you ask for? Enjoy!