Slasherazzi - Daniel A. Kaine
This isn’t the first time I’ve read Daniel Kaine, but I will say it’s the first time he’s shocked and awed me. And it’s got me thinking, how does he sleep at night? The opening chapter really sets the tone for this story. It’s gruesome and detailed, with a play by play of the murderer dismembering his victim. There’s nothing left to the imagination here, I loved it.

Our main character Alex really has his work cut out for him. He’s the lead detective trying to catch a serial killer, and there’s not a lot of evidence to go on. With the victims piling up, he’s running out of time. He’s also dealing with his on again/off again lover Vince, a local journalist trying to make a name for himself and who will stop at nothing to get his story. Even if it means betraying his lover.

While I wouldn’t categorize this as your conventional romance, there is a love story. Alex and Vince definitely have chemistry and some really great sex. As they are trying to give their relationship another chance, they have to deal with trust issues, having time for each other, and yes, that pesky killer running about. I enjoyed watching them trying to get it right and flailing about. Half of the time I wanted them to be together, the other half I just wanted to put them out of their misery. Will they work it out and find their HEA? You’ll have to read it to find out.

I really loved the flow of this story. The author keeps the reader engaged throughout the entire book. The storyline is very strong and Mr. Kaine’s words keep the story moving flawlessly, without unnecessary babble. I felt the author did a great job in keeping the reader guessing who the serial killer is. With the hints and clues sprinkled throughout the story, I really thought I had it all figured out. Boy, was I wrong. I’m not giving any spoilers away, but the ending literally blew my mind. Kudos to the author for his cleverness.

I would have to say my favorite part of this story was being inside the killer’s head. Actually seeing his thoughts and feeling his rage as he tortured his victims was a very unique perspective. Not many stories have that and with my morbid, sick sense of entertainment, I absolutely loved it. The author doesn’t hold back any detail here, so for those of you who get squeamish over blood and gore, you have been warned. Certain body parts are sliced and diced and the victims are shown no mercy.

Overall, this was a great read. If you love a great murder mystery with some romance and a lot of blood, this one’s for you.