Cowboys And Kilts - Erin O'Quinn
Cowboys and Kilts was not what I was expecting. I read a brief excerpt and this line got my attention, “What filled him was a fucking Lock Ness monster, seeking the bottom, then resurfacing until the sides of his tunnel vibrated in frantic lust and pain.” From this line, I had to read this book. Also men in kilts are fucking HOT! I thought it was going to be a trashy, sex filled story, but what I got was totally different and unexpected. What I got was an ethereal love story between two men who were brought together by destiny. Cowboys and Kilts reminded me of reading a fantasy that sucked you in and kept you in a make believe world. Although this was a contemporary story, I kept waiting for it to turn into a fantasy, and I think it would have made a great fantasy too. I loved it and wanted more!

The story starts out with “cowboy” Hugh MacPherson, a Nevada native who travels to Scotland on a whim to see his ancestral home. He is a runner and works as a coach at a university. Running is a solitary business, but his restlessness sets him off to Scotland to meet his destiny. And that destiny turns out to be a mountain of a man in a kilt. Yes, there is nothing underneath it. Graeme Guthrie is the Laird of Guthrie Castle, keeper of the Guthrie stones and a descendant of the Pictish Kings. He takes his position of keeping his family’s legacy alive pretty seriously. He’s also closeted and lonely.

Hugh’s tour takes him to Guthrie Castle and Graeme. Their meeting and subsequent get together is very well written, and I enjoyed reading it. This is a short novella and there are no surprises here. But I didn’t care because this was such a beautifully written story. The Scottish setting was brought to life through words, and I found myself walking the same paths as our heroes.
I felt every word I read. Graeme and Hugh jumped off the page and became real to me. I loved them and wanted more. Maybe a re-write as a fantasy! And the reference to Loch Ness was pretty accurate. It turned out that Graeme did have a big dick and knew how to use it despite his inexperience. I guess sex is hardwired in our lizard brain.

Cowboys and Kilts is a must read if you like sexy cowboys and Scots! I highly recommend it.