U.S. Male - Lisa Worrall
The following is an approximation of my reaction when I finished reading Lisa Worrall’s U.S. Male:


Lisa Worrall is an evil genius and U.S. Male isn’t at all what I thought it was going to be. The short medium isn’t an easy read for so many of us but written well, it’s one of my favorite because it satisfies the need for instant gratification, and this author doesn’t waste a moment of word count getting to the hot and heavy sex between Rick Beaumont and Nathan, the gorgeous mailman with the surprise package.

Just when you think this is going to be your everyday, average snippet of porntastic short fiction, Lisa Worrall throws in a curveball so unexpected that after I yelled at my Kindle I went back and read the story again, beginning to end. The first time was worth it for the surprise, the second time for the anticipation.

The setting is limited and the foreshadowing oh-so-subtle, but the context and the dramatic irony? Spot on! So near to the final words of this book’s scant ten pages, I was sitting quite firmly in the 3 Star/great sex/no plot camp, even though the narrative is well written and yes, sweat slicked and seductive. Then Ms. Worrall messed with my damn head and earned both of those extra tantalizing little stars.

If you like short stories with unexpected twists, then U.S. Male is the one that delivers.