Better Than Chance - Lane Hayes, Tyler Stevens
I am an audio book lover. I travel for work and have lots of time to listen, so I am very picky about narrators. I usually read the books before they come out on audio so I have a picture in my mind of how these characters are supposed to sound, and Tyler Stevens nails Jay.

Jay is a southern farm boy (actually, it’s a massive estate) from Virginia, who comes from a large caring family that raises thoroughbred horses. He is well educated, well dressed, and gorgeous, with a love for techno music, old movies, and talking before he thinks. His best friend is Aaron from the first book, and he has never seen the inside of a closet. He is comfortable in his own skin—until, that is, he has to work with his massive office crush, Peter. Peter has the ability to unnerve Jay in his professional and personal life, and it is fun to listen to the narrator babble through conversations as Jay navigates through his relationship with Peter. He portrays Jay as a formal southerner with a dramatic flair.

Peter is an overachiever of everything, especially work. He is overcompensating for the fact his is gay, and is not what his old, Italian mother expected of him. He does not hide that he is gay (if asked), but having a relationship of any kind does not fit into his plans to conquer the lobbyist world. Tyler does a great job of switching voices and does a great “Peter” imitation.

I cannot decide which of the two audios I love more in this series. I love them both! Tyler Stevens does an excellent job depicting the characters with his voices in this audio book. If you have read the book previously, Jay makes sense. If not, remember my description of the formal, southern drama queen and then it will make sense. He truly brought life into each one of these characters and made it very entertaining for the listener.

This series would go on my re-listen rather than my re-read shelf.