Finding Home - Leighton Rose
Finding Home opens up with Dillon leaving his hometown of Chicago on his eighteenth birthday. He boards a Greyhound bus bound for Omaha and doesn’t look back. You’re immediately sympathetic to him and you want him to succeed in finding happiness in his new home.

Dillon and Adam meet somewhat by chance when Dillon rents a room at Adam’s grandmother’s extended stay motel. He, Adam, fills in whenever she needs his help covering the night shift, and it just so happens that he was there the day Dillon walked in. After that moment they’re pretty much inseparable. Dillon was a great character, one that I felt I could identify with. You find yourself rooting for him throughout the whole book. Adam is an inked up tattoo artist as well as a total softy when it comes to all things romance. He was totally swoon-worthy and perfect for Dillon. If I have any criticism of this book, it would be that everything seems to work out just a little too perfect. None of the conflict lasted longer than a few pages, but even with that I still enjoyed it. The way Adam and his whole family embraced Dillon with open arms was great to see. The one thing I felt was missing from this book was resolution with Dillon’s parents. I really figured that at the end we would see him dealing with that whole mess, but that time never came. Not a huge deal, but I was surprised there wasn’t anything dealing with that.

This was a solid four star book for me. The writing, plot, character development, and story arc all came together nearly seamlessly to create an intriguing read. I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for a good M/M romance to read.