Tabby's Pride: 1 (Lion's Pride) - K-lee Klein
When I saw the blurb for this book, and I read things like rockers and shifters and lies, I had to wonder if K-lee Klein had been living in my head. So many of my favorite storylines all in one book. I thought I was in heaven.

When Levi was young, too young, really, he fell in love. Unfortunately, he fell in love with his brother’s older best friend. He never told Alexander how he felt about him and when Xan left town, Levi felt the loss deeply. He didn’t see Xan again until years later, and the visit was a short one because Xan is now a successful rocker in a hit band. From that point on, Levi works hard to try to be the best he can be so he can get close to Xan again. When a position opens up in Xan’s band Lion’s Pride, Levi seizes the opportunity to be close to the man again. The lengths he goes to so he can fit in are not only a little crazy, but they are also very dangerous.

From almost the first moment Xan and Levi started spending time together there was a wild attraction between them, and they end up getting physical with one another. This continues as a friends-with-benefits situation until they realize they may want more. When the two men end up going on a date, their relationship takes a turn and for Levi, it is everything he has ever wanted. The only downside is the fact that Levi is still keeping secrets from Xan and his other bandmates. His secret could very well cost him his place in the band and his place in Xan’s heart, but he has no idea how to even broach the subject with them.

As is usual in this situation, his secret is revealed at the MOST inopportune moment and right when he thinks he could be losing it all, he finds out that he may have underestimated his lover and their bandmates. Tabby has lost everything in his life up to this point, and he doesn’t know if he could survive getting his childhood dream only to lose it

K-lee Klein wrote a wonderfully sweet love story again with Tabby’s Pride, and I thought it worked well. Seeing Tabby struggling with his secrets, all while trying to make his dreams come true with Xan and the rest of the band, was harsh. Tabby believed he may have to give up one dream to have the other, and the turmoil he put himself through was yanking on my heart strings. I would highly recommend this title, and I hope to maybe get a chance to see these two again at a later date.

Reviewed by Jackie at The Novel Approach