Cop Out - K.C. Burn
I read Cop Out a couple of years ago and gave it a five star rating. But as an audio… It’s awesome! After surviving the explosion that killed his partner Ben, Detective Kurt O’Donnell finds out that as much as he thought he knew his partner, Detective Ben Kaminski had a secret. While attending his partner’s funeral, Kurt mistakenly assumes that Ben left behind a pregnant wife, which turned out to be false assumption.

Ben did leave someone behind, but not a wife.

It’s at this point of the story that I’m not feeling too sympathetic over Ben’s death. Finding out that Ben was a closeted gay man and an extreme neat freak was bad enough, but to also find out that Ben’s paranoia of being outed meant forcing his partner of ten years to keep their relationship a secret, thus driving Davy to the point of isolating himself from friends and family, felt borderline abusive. As the blurb mentions, Kurt does help the grieving Davy, and it doesn’t take long before the two become good friends. This is what captured my attention and hooked me into the story to make it worth a repeat experience.

When I saw that Cop Out was out on audio and saw who the narrator was, well, duh, I was not gonna pass up a chance to listen to Tristan James’s sexy voice. For me, the listening experience of having Kurt and Davy brought to life is so much better than just reading the story. I love it when the voice matches the characters, and just the right emotion is thrown in to make it an emotional and moving experience. Examples of my emotional moments: Kurt becoming jealous of Davy when he came home with Andrew, Kurt falling apart when Davy kicked him out of his life, when Kurt came out to his mom. I found myself holding my breath, waiting to see what her reaction would be. Then there was the part when Simon was in the ambulance with Kurt.

I’m giving the audio version of Cop Out another 5 Stars! And I’m highly recommending it if you enjoyed the book version. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Kim at The Novel Approach