A Hunted Man - Jaime Reese
"Jaime Reese did something I didn’t know was even possible with this book. She managed to make me love the MCs from the first book more than I did while reading about them then, and then gave me two more men who blew my mind. There was a lot going on in this story, but Ms. Reese was able to tie everything together well and keep the story flowing seamlessly all the way to the final word. I found that she kept the big spoilers hidden very well in the beginning of the story, and little by little let the truth come out.

I would love to gush about this book, but so much of this story needs to be experienced firsthand, and I don’t want to ruin this fabulous book for anyone. I would highly recommend this book, but the first book HAS to be read first to get the full enjoyment of it. I only hope that Ms. Reese has book three in the works because I cannot wait to read more about The Men of Halfway House."

Jackie's full review can be found at The Novel Approach