From Johann To Tannenbaum (Toys and Soldiers) - Ashlyn Forge
3.5 Stars

Ashlyn Forge has a very easy to read style of storytelling, one that flows smoothly, though there were a few scenes in the book that I felt slowed down the pace of the story a bit, as those scenes only reiterated certain plot points that had already been made very clear rather than moving the story forward. Overall, however, as a huge fan of Alt U/Fantasy, I can say I liked From Johann to Tannenbaum, owing in large part to Tanner himself. He and his sweet and kind nature were the saving grace of the book, and helped to overshadow some of the less than agreeable characters in the story.

I’d recommend this one to readers who enjoy character rather than action driven stories, as ultimately, this book is about Johann’s journey from tragic to triumphant hero.

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