A Package Deal - Mia Kerick
I have to say, this book surprised me over and over again. From the blurb, I expected this to be a straight forward M/M book with a “gay-for-you” theme. Boy, was I off the mark. Basically, this story starts out with Robby meeting his “dream girl”, Savannah Meyers. She is the first woman in a long time that inspired any kind of reaction from Robby. When they went on their first date, Robby was slightly confused by the arrival of Savannah’s roommate, Tristan Chartrand. The most confusing part was the clear affection he saw between Savannah and Tristan. There was love in their eyes and a not so platonic kiss shared between the two. The most confusing thing for Robby was his own attraction to Tristan. He had never had this reaction to any man before, and he didn’t understand it.

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