Omorphi - C. Kennedy
It is really hard to pigeon hole Omorphi into one genre. It is YA, LGBT romance. It is about surviving the worst atrocities human beings can inflict on one another. It is a thriller. I didn’t expect that. I knew it was about a young man who had been indescribably abused. I knew it was a romance between two young men. But it was so very much more than that. There were villains. Yes, plural. And what those villains would do and when and how they would do it kept me on the edge of my seat through the entire book. The romance was sweet, Christy learned to live with what he had been put through at the hands of his captors. Michael learned to love Christy the way Christy needed to be loved. There were so many facets to Cody Kennedy’s first full-length novel, it was just… so much.

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