On the Right Track - Sam Kadence
This book is a must read for any LGBTQ youth you know. I would recommend this book for many reasons. There is a theme throughout the story of acceptance. I believe that Sebastian is one of the strongest characters in the book. This boy has his stuff TOGETHER. He is out and proud and he won’t let anyone scare him back into the closet. Near the end of the book, Sebastian gives a speech at the school that made me bawl like a baby. As much as Adam thought he was invisible, he was at least one person’s hero. The thing I really loved was the simple idea that just being nice to someone that everyone else shuns could save a life. Accepting someone for who they are, no strings attached, can make you shine and can make someone else feel like a million bucks. It can pull them back from the edge you didn’t know they were teetering on.

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